We help Consumer Product Companies
Clarify, Navigate, and Deliver on their most
Innovation and Growth Initiatives. 

Seeley Designworks is a full service design & innovation consultancy focused on delivering powerful results by captivating and compelling end users, executive leadership, potential clients, and investors time and time again. Offering custom tailored consultation and development service packages that ensure optimal results and maximize return on your investment. We have elevated and revitalized some of the worlds most recognized brands and also help grow entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups from inception. We work with you and your team beginning to end and will create the perfect plan.

For more than 15 years, we've helped some of the world’s largest, most recognizable brands and organizations like: Walmart, Ikea, P&G, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Qualcomm, KitchenAid, and many more.
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Our proven methods have:

Identified Billions of dollars in growth opportunity.
Generated Millions of dollars in investment funding.
Achieved nearly 100 patents.
Grown revenues of 200% or more.
We are the Design & Innovation Consultancy that offers Unparalleled End to End Continuity
From "fuzzy front end"
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...to streamlined Delivery,
we've got you covered.
As The Catalyst for Innovative growth and identifying new business opportunity, we won't leave you high and dry with only tools, and methods to achieve your goals.  We identify, guide, and deliver.

"Help me engage and influence"

We can help you visualize or innovate on ideas you already have, build and create new ideas, or even help lead the creative process to ensure you reach the right designs with your team.  Our expertise has helped both large corporate teams and small agile start-up teams innovate, grow, and differentiate effectively and efficiently.

  • Concept exploration

  • Concept development

  • Product & feature innovation

  • Design refinement

  • Idea visualization


"Help me find gaps and opportunity"

Whether you're looking to discover new opportunities, validate assumptions, or just need help finding your vision and a better understanding of how to get there, our methods will help you start or grow your ventures, large or small.

  • In-Home & field observational facilitation

  • Rapid on-line quantitative facilitation

  • Qualitative interview & moderation

  • Experience journey research & mapping

  • Formative brand value assessments

  • New business discovery & identification

  • Formative opportunity exploration

  • Trend hunting, analysis, & forecasting

  • Futuring & Long-range vision creation

  • Design process & strategy evaluations

  • Workshop & brainstorming facilitation

  • Design Thinking education

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"Help me build & refine my brand"

Our brand experience ranges from aiding startups discover and define themselves at inception to elevating and revitalizing globally recognized brands for some of the largest companies around the world. Whether its to help you discover your brand, refine your brand, or manage your brand, we've got you covered. ​

  • Competitive assessments

  • Target consumer identification

  • Target personification

  • Visual Brand Language Creation

  • Brand Experience Creation

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand essence

  • Brand experience

  • Brand storytelling

  • Brand development

  • Brand Governance

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Your In Good Company

Our experience and expertise is vast.  From corporate fortune 200 companies and some of the worlds largest/ most recognized brands, to the smallest, most agile start-up teams out there.


We are a small enough design house to allow proper agility to efficiently move with you and your teams, but we are large enough to deliver big and offer world class design results and returns.

We look forward to adding you to the family.

Our Company Values

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05237 Beechwood Ln. South Haven, MI 49090

Email: michael@seeleydesignworks.com | Tel: 269-767-6960

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